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A good shoulder pad will provide protection in all areas including the collar bone, ribs, sternum, chest, back, and biceps. With the research completed by Down Low hockey we have stepped back and thought of the best way to protect the key areas instead of simply redesigning the conventional hockey shoulder pad. We go above and beyond what a standard shoulder pad can do.Here are a few of the unique features which makes our hockey shoulder pads special and what sets us apart from the competition in today's hockey pad market: Adjustable Shoulder Caps - For a custom fit, you can adjust the placement of the shoulder cap for a custom fit. We believe a custom-built, high-quality hockey shoulder pad should contour to your body for better protection. At Down Low Hockey we have invested into researching what the professionals want to create a shoulder pad that provides the highest level of performance and protection. The form-fitting design offers increased performance over standard hockey shoulder pads. Bulky shoulder pads restrict shoulder movement, resulting in a loss of shooting, passing, and stickhandling ability. When hockey shoulder pads are loose, they do not fit to the body properly. Sticks can get in these gaps and cause injury. Overlapping Spine Protection - It's important to protect your spine. With overlapping spine protection, our shoulder pads give you maximum protection to your spine. Protect your body the right way. Washable - You want your professional hockey shoulder pads to last a long time; our premium hockey shoulder pads have a washable base layer. Stay fresh on the ice! Padding options - From men's league to competitive hockey, we allow you to pick the padding option for your unique hockey shoulder pad. We want you to be in control. 

protection without the bulk

the down low hockey shoulder pads offer protection without the bulk by focusing on the key impact areas, the shoulders, spine and chest.

the shoulder caps are adjustable for a custom fit to ensure proper protection. the three plate spine protection allows mobility while offering much more protection compared to other shoulder pads on the market. the chest plate provides great sternum protection. high impact plastic is used to provide the protection needed at the highest level. the shirt has quarter-inch cross linked high density foam padding sewn into it to provide protection to the rest of your upper body. the pads are segmented to move with you. the bicep pads have plastic inserts above the foam to provide extra protection.

spine washable options